Mr. Patrick Walsh

Using the Romet® R200 Electronic Larynx

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Mr. Tommy Keith

Using the Romet® R200 Electronic Larynx

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Ms. Sherrie Rainford

Using the Romet® R200 Electronic Larynx

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Mr. Tom Terbell

Retired Banker

Santa Barbara, CA.

I have used Romet® Electro-larynxes for more than 20 years with complete satisfaction. These devices enabled me to finish out my career as if I had never had a laryngectomy. My work required to speak at meetings and large gatherings and conduct all the normal things a banker must do including using the telephone.

Whenever my devices needed repair, very infrequently, Romet® was always responsive to my requests. I have had occasion to recommend Romet® to others, and they have all been pleased with the results they achieved with the devices.

Romet® has my highest recommendation.

Mr. Cal Lynch

Fremont, California

Selected the ROMET® 

R300 Electronic Larynx

as his choice for a clear vocal sound.

Cal has relied on his ROMET® Electronic Larynx for speaking since his laryngectomee surgery.

ROMET® Electro-Larynx User Testimonials

Mr. Don Layton

President IENV

Riverside, CA

As President of Inland Empire Nu-Voices Association, a Laryngectomee of some 13 Years, and a person that has used a wide variety of devices to speak with following the loss of my voice box (larynx) in 1998, I am qualified to speak in regards to the performance of electronic larynx devices.

I have found that the new updated version of the ROMET® ELECTRONIC LARYNX device works as advertised with all external controls for volume and pitch. I am very satisfied with the ROMET's overall performance and feel that all help organizations such as the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP), and HMOs, Medicare, Medicade, and Medical should allow the public a better rounded choice and to just how they want to speak. I also feel that the 9V ROMET EL device would prove to be an asset for anyone needing an electronic larynx.

Beijing China Cancer Hospital

91 year old male patient using the Romet R200 Electronic Larynx