Electronic Larynx Romet Model Inspiration
Electronic Larynx Romet Model Inspiration


 20+ hours of talk time on a single charge
 Built-in fast USB charger
 Automatic start/stop due to the built-in touch sensors
 Freedom to control the intonation and strength while speaking
 Implemented the newest digital technologies
 Strong, durable aluminum casing
 Indication and alarm of the level of battery discharge
 Freedom to use with or without oral adapter

Electronic Larynx

The Electronic Larynx is a battery-operated device to create vibrations, which are passed through the neck into the mouth cavity to replicate sound waves giving the patient the ability to communicate through speech. The Electronic Larynx is carried in the hand usually and pushed against the neck as needed to speak. The Electronic Larynx is about 4.5 oz in weight. The Electronic Larynx is sold worldwide to assist laryngectomee patients speak again. Generally medical device distributors within a certain country sell Electronic larynxesElectronic larynxes are priced between $250.00 USD and $1,200 USD depending upon features on the product required by the patient.