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IAL International Association of Laryngectomees www.theial.com A great resource to find Laryngectomee Support Clubs in most states and local Speech Therapist SLP to assist patients in the maintenance of your speech abilities. Yearly meetings rotated around the country with vendor participation and (VI) Voice institute for speech Students and patients who want to learn more about their disease

Web whispers Nu-Vois Club www.webwhispers.org

An on-line Laryngectomee Club with a great resource library where you can find the answers to many if not all your laryngectomee questions. Web whispers also feature an on-line chat –room where you can participate in chat sessions with other members. Great resource Key vendors to the laryngectomee community are also listed for your information.

American Cancer Society www.cancer.org a worldwide organization whose mission is to assist cancer patients maintain quality of life around the world

Texas Laryngectomee Association TLA www.texastla.com/2019-conference A Texas Group of Laryngectomees with yearly meetings whose mission is to assist Laryngectomees regain their speech

Florida Laryngectomee Association FLA https://flavoice.org

A Florida group founded to assist Laryngectomized patients regain their quality of life.


Romet® Electronic Larynx

Since 1979, ROMET has been dedicated to providing quality products to thousands of Laryngectomees worldwide.  We strive to continue to introduce innovative advancements in Electronic Larynx technology, individual tone and volume wheels on the outside of the unit for easy adjustment – no tools required; our newest model R310 which has a permanent hi-power Lithium Battery that never needs to be replaced, and can easily be recharged with the USB cable provided.  The R310 unit is easy for the patient to change intonation simply by sliding their finger on the exterior side bar to customize their voice as they speak.  Also change their volume by pushing the function button (FB) on the base of the unit as they slide their finger on the flat bar. Arguably the newest technology of any Electronic Larynx unit sold in the world you deserve to test it for yourself by contacting your local distributor of Romet products.

Romet’s Laryngectomee accessories are used not only for style; but also for function to assist in the filtering of air prior to entering your neck stoma.