Operating Instructions
Dicky Style Stoma Cover (Black)


Ribbed Neck w/Adjustable Velcro Closure Strap (max 10")
Lightweight Fabric Suitable for All Seasons
Assists in Maintaining Stoma Moisture & Purifying the Air
Machine Washable - 80/20 Poly Cotton
Available in 7 Classic Colors

Dickey Style Stoma Covers

Dickey Style Stoma Covers Are also designed for a patient to use after their Laryngectomee operation has been performed; and they are ready to begin the recovery process. Dickey Style stoma Covers are produced in a cotton/poly material, which is washable and durable for multiple wearing. Dickey Style Stoma Covers also have adjustable neck straps, which are adjustable from 9” to 18” for comfort to the patient. Dickey Style Stoma Covers are priced generally from $12.95 to $14.95 depending upon the fabric chosen by the patient. Dickey Style Stoma Covers are generally manufactured in sold colors so the patient can use the Dickey Style Stoma Cover to accessorize their clothing wardrobe. Dickey Style Stoma Covers are packaged individually and generally available from the local countrywide distributor.