Operating Instructions
Electronic Larynx Romet Model R310
Electronic Larynx Romet Model R310


Exclusive, New Soft-Grip Barrel
Anti-Roll Feature
Larger, Ergonomic On/Off Button
External Pitch & Volume Controls
2- 9V Lithium Batteries w/Smart Charger

Electronic Larynx

The Electronic Larynx is a battery-operated device to create vibrations, which are passed through the neck into the mouth cavity to replicate sound waves giving the patient the ability to communicate through speech. The Electronic Larynx is carried in the hand usually and pushed against the neck as needed to speak. The Electronic Larynx is about 4.5 oz in weight. The Electronic Larynx is sold worldwide to assist laryngectomee patients speak again. Generally medical device distributors within a certain country sell Electronic larynxesElectronic larynxes are priced between $250.00 USD and $1,200 USD depending upon features on the product required by the patient.