Operating Instructions
Foam Stoma Filters


Filters Air While Breathing
Maintains Stoma Moisture
Attaches w/2-Sided Tape
65mm x 65mm x 4mm
​Part No. RFFL2 (beige)
The package of 30 individual squares of foam assists in the protection of your lungs and keeping your stoma moist by filtering the air as you inhale air.


Laryngectomee Accessories After a patient has undergone Laryngectomee surgery and Stoma is created in their neck to replace their nose, which has been disconnected to complete the total laryngectomee operation. Laryngectomee Accessories such as Stoma Cover, Foam Filters, Turtleneck Covers and other Laryngectomee Accessories are available. Each laryngectomee Accessory that is chosen by the patient is a personal choice by the patient. Laryngectomee Accessories are integral to the overall recovery of the patient’s health.