Operating Instructions
Turtleneck Style Stoma Cover (Beige)


Ribbed Neck w/Adjustable Velcro Closure Strap (max 10")
Especially Helpful In Cool Weather to Purify & Warm the Air
Assists in Maintaining Stoma Moisture
Available in 3 Classic Colors
Machine Washable - 80/20 Poly Cotton

Turtleneck Stoma Covers

Turtleneck Stoma Covers Are designed to cover the neck Stoma to assist in the prevention of dirt in the air or other items which possible could enter into the stoma and infect the lungs resulting in sickness. Turtleneck Stoma Covers have an adjustable neck, which will adjust from 9” to 18” for patients’ comfort. The Turtleneck Stoma Cover is available in multiple fabrications. The Turtleneck Stoma Cover is generally priced from $ 17.95 to $22.95 each. The turtleneck Stoma Cover is washable and usable over and over.